hong kong

  • Take a ferry to one of Hong Kong’s most charming and beautiful beachside villages
  • Set your surfer side free and get in the water - ideal for beginners
  • Enjoy beach bites inspired by global cuisine

Although most people only know Hong Kong as Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula, the city is actually made up of almost 300 islands. One of the largest, Lantau, is home to not only the Hong Kong International Airport, but also charming beachside villages such as Pui O. From the Conrad, a short cab ride will take you to the Central piers. Pier 6 is where you can take the ferry to Lantau’s Mui Wo (40 minutes on the fast ferry, one hour on the regular ferry), then hop in a taxi or bus to Pui O Beach, where you’ll find Mavericks, a surf shop as well as a Hong-Kong-meets-California beachside restaurant. Dive into a burger and a shake and watch the kids build sandcastles. While the surf in Pui O can’t compare to what you get in Southern California or Bali, the gentler tides make it perfect for children and surfing beginners. For beach options closer to town, check out Repulse Bay, around 25 minutes by taxi from the Conrad, with its abundance of restaurants like hip Limewood for global beach bites. Here, we suggest you start with ceviche and progress to Vietnamese crab salad or a Hawaiian roasted baby pig leg. Craving Cantonese comfort food? Meen & Rice has you covered with flavorful congee (Chinese rice porridge), rice with char siu (barbecued pork), and wonton noodles.

​Often called ‘The Lungs of Hong Kong’ for its wide variety of flora and fauna, Lantau Island is accessible via ferry from the mainland. When you think you’ve arrived in paradise, surrounded by blue waves and breathtaking green mountains, you’ve found Pui O Beach.


MAVERICKS: Pui O Beach; +852-5662-8552;

LIMEWOOD: Shop 103-104, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay; +852-2866-8668;

MEEN & RICE: The Pulse Shop 113, Level 1, 28 Beach Rd., Repulse Bay; +852-2566-8886;