hong kong

  • Immerse yourself in the colors and plumage of Southeast Asia’s largest aviary
  • Discover ancient and antique teaware from the chapters of history
  • Sample incredible local teas, made in the traditional way

While there are no zoos in Hong Kong, the Edward Youde Aviary, in Hong Kong Park, is well worth a visit, especially if you have little ones in tow. The aviary, designed as a tropical rain forest, is a great place to get up close to the 80-plus species of birds that call it home, and it’s walkable from the Conrad—simply follow the signs to Hong Kong Park in Pacific Place mall, which will take you up via the escalators. (Despite being Southeast Asia’s largest aviary, it’s amazingly nestled amid towering skyscrapers.) Also in the Park is the Flagstaff Museum of Tea, a great way to see antique Chinese teaware and get a primer on tea styles. Next to the museum is Lock Cha Tea House, which offers a constantly changing menu of vegetarian dim sum lunches, from pot stickers to steamed mushroom buns, alongside a vast menu of teas, from light and floral green teas like Biluochun to aged dark teas like pu-erh. Attendants brew each pot in the traditional way, so watch and learn if you plan on bringing any leaves home.

Enter the park via the escalators of Pacific Place Mall, or work your way up on foot via Supreme Court and Kennedy Road. Despite being surrounded by skyscrapers, you’re definitely in a park! Head towards the green fronds and palm trees and soon you’ll be relaxing with the birds.

​​​EDWARD YOUDE AVIARY: Hong Kong Park, 7 Kennedy Rd.; +852-2521-5041;

LOCK CHA TEA HOUSE: K.S. Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Park; +852-2801-7177;