Experience incredible mountain views while enjoying a vista of sublime beautyRelax with a special massage using Maifan stones from MongoliaVictoria Peak isn’t just for tourists—locals love “The Peak” too, and nimbly avoid the throngs of tourists in a few easy ways. First, take a cab on your way up to avoid the queues for the Peak Tram. Once there, break away from the crowd heading toward the observation deck and instead follow the signs for the Peak Circle Walk—a gentle, mostly flat, two-hour stroll that loops around the mountain, giving you spectacular 360-degree views of the city. Rest your legs at the Peak Lookout, an old cottage built for workers who built the Peak Tram, where you can now get a bite and a Gunner (a ginger-ale-and-bitters beverage believed to have been invented in Hong Kong during colonial times). Join the vastly reduced queue for the Peak Tram on descent, and enjoy the views while marveling at this incredible feat of engineering. From the terminus, a short cab ride will take you to Chain’s for a massage or a facial developed by Chinese medicine practitioners, such as a facial that features Maifan Stones from Mongolia, known as the “stones of health” and reputed to have detoxification and anti-inflammatory powers. With its vast inverted curve shape, the Peak observation deck is an architectural marvel, but don’t be distracted for too long. Take one of the side paths to join the Circle Walk, for some of the the best sights and jogging spots in the entire city.​​​PEAK LOOKOUT: The Peak, 121 Peak Rd.; +852-2849-1000;​​CHAIN'S: 15F, Regent Centre, 88 Queen’s Rd. Central; +852-2525-9288;